James Hancock

James Hancock

I develop website components, bringing designs to life through HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React. I make sure that our websites are accessible, responsive and performant.

I interned with Torchbox in 2019, developing components for Oxfam, Resources for the Future and the Royal College of Art. I then completed a Computer Science with Innovation degree and a master's in Digital Media Arts, specialising in interactive 3D web development and generative design.

Since returning to Torchbox after further education in 2021, I've worked on React apps such as Sue Ryder's Grief Guide, Be The Business and Torchbox's careers site, as well as other Next.js applications for our clients. I'm currently developing a design system with Storybook and Playwright visual regression tests.

Outside of work I like reading novels and practicing meditation. At home in Northern Ireland I enjoy walking along the coast and through the forests, while in Bristol you might find me passing through Ashton Court at the weekend.