James Hancock

Junior Developer
James Hancock

I develop website components, bringing designs to life through HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React. I make sure that our websites are accessible, responsive to different screens and function correctly for each visitor.

I interned with Torchbox in 2019, developing components for Oxfam, Resources for the Future Foundation and the Royal College of Art. I have experience with loading 3D models into web pages and making these models interactive, I also have experience designing highly performant animated website backgrounds, saving mobile users the megabytes of data required for loading video files.

Outside of work I like reading sci-fi / fantasy novels and writing about things that interest me. At the moment I'm reading through the Harry Potter series translated into German, a fun way of developing my German skills. At home in Northern Ireland I enjoy walking by the sea and through the forests, while in Bristol you might find me passing through Ashton Court at the weekend.

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