Gemma Margetts

Senior People Manager (Culture, EDI & Wellbeing)
Gemma Margretts

My role at Torchbox is varied, meaning I get to collaborate with most people at different stages of their time at Torchbox and throughout their roles.

From support during onboarding to working with our line managers, as well as across various wellbeing and ED&I initiatives and policies. I work closely with our Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) and Wellbeing Voice Groups to ensure our initiatives are in harmony with our shared vision. I also work closely with our Talent Manager for recruitment and our People Manager (L&D) with development initiatives.

My achievements at Torchbox include the implementation of menopause support, our partnership with the Motherboard charter to improve family-friendly policies and awareness, fostering remote culture engagement, and delivering internal training to bolster support for our line managers.

Before my time at Torchbox, I was fortunate to explore HR in various industries, from publishing to marine consultancy and construction.

The most rewarding aspect of my job is the chance to work closely with people, something I’m really passionate about. The diverse and amazing team at Torchbox makes collaborating on projects a genuinely enjoyable experience. I take great pride in offering support to the wider team, whether it's helping a manager build confidence, supporting someone with their wellbeing, or welcoming a new co-owner.

Outside of work, I enjoy going for long walks with my family, whatever the weather! And spending quality time with my friends too.