Andy Gordon

Senior Innovation Designer

My role is to help our clients identify, explore and creatively respond to meaningful opportunities for Innovation with AI. With a focus on generative AI - especially large language models like OpenAI's GPT4 - I help internal and external teams navigate uncertainty, unearth meaningful problems to solve, and experiment with solutions. Together we build strategies to create value for people, organisations, and our planet.

Before joining Torchbox, I worked in various design, innovation, and transformation roles both in non-profit and private sectors, including Macmillan Cancer Research, Forum for the Future, and HP.

I'm passionate about Futures Thinking & Speculative Design and leveraging my experience to help organisations look further ahead and ensure they're resilient to change by identifying the right opportunities to leverage Innovation for good. I lead projects with a design-led, systemic and inclusive approach to Innovation - one where all stakeholders thrive by design.

In my downtime, you can find me exploring with my wife and daughter; surfing, swimming, climbing, walking, and up-skilling in sustainability/regeneration. I love trying something completely new!

I've flown a glider solo, backpacked around SE Asia, I'm a fellow of the RSA, and my work has won a few Design awards along the way including a CES Innovation Honore, Plus x Award, and Gold and Silver at the CLIO Awards.