Andy Gordon

Senior Innovation Designer

My role at Torchbox is to support our clients, like CRUK, Oxfam, Mind and GOSH, to navigate uncertainty, unearth opportunities for Innovation and tackle complex challenges.

Together, we explore, design and experiment with new solutions and strategies that create value for people, organisations, and our planet.

A key aspect of my role is helping organisations leverage AI for Good, particularly through generative AI technologies like Anthropic’s Claude and OpenAI's GPT-4.

I'm passionate about Innovation as a catalyst for positive change, leveraging a systemic approach paired with tangible action to help organisations transform how they deliver impact.

Before joining Torchbox, my experience spans strategic foresights, design, innovation, strategy and transformation. I’ve worked in-house and agency side supporting both for-profit and nonprofit organisations such as Macmillan Cancer Research, PepsiCo, Forum for the Future, and HP.

When not at work, you'll likely find me climbing, surfing, exploring somewhere new or elbow-deep in Play-Doh with my daughter.