Design Sprint

Get to the root of your problem with an intensive one week Design Sprint. Our team will rapidly generate ideas, prototype and test them with real users to help you find the best solution to take forward into development.

Idea to tested prototype in one week

Design Sprints work best when you have a specific and well defined problem to solve. They provide a low-risk way to quickly generate and validate product ideas, helping ensure you’re on the right track before beginning design and development.

A typical week long sprint may look like this:

  • Monday - goal setting and planning
  • Tuesday - learn more about the problem and generating ideas
  • Wednesday - narrow down the solutions and planning the prototype
  • Thursday - build the prototype and get ready for testing
  • Friday - test the solution and document findings

Our expert facilitators and practitioners will work alongside your team to quickly prototype and evaluate potential solutions. We’ll help you identify sprint goals, learn from stakeholders, refine your ideas and plan your next steps.

Find out what's possible with a one week design sprint

Will Heinemann New Business Director

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Running the design sprint helped us focus on key goals, who we are trying to reach, and what the most impactful outcome will be. The facilitation of the week was spot on - Torchbox helped us navigate a lot of questions and complicated decision making, always bringing us back to our main goal and vision.

Kathryn Excell Head of Digital, MQ: Transforming Mental Health

Designing a product for MQ in 5 days