Discovering if we’re right for each other

Included below is a short overview of what to expect when you apply for one of our roles. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.


What to expect when applying

When applying for a role, we'll ask you to complete a short application form and upload a CV and covering letter. 

For some of our junior roles, we now use a blind recruitment process, so we won’t ask you to upload a CV or covering letter but will ask you to answer a few work-based questions. Your responses to these will go through a blind sift process and be anonymously marked by members of our team.

We know it can be frustrating waiting to hear back on an application. We aim to complete our recruitment process within 14 days; however, due to team holidays, staff events, and busy times, there may be occasions when we are not able to get back to you within that time frame. Your application is still being considered but do feel free to reach out directly if you haven’t heard from us and would like an update.

Getting to know you better

If your application is successful, we’ll invite you to a phone interview, most likely via Zoom, that will last around 45 minutes. This is a chance for us to learn more about you and your experience and allow you to ask any questions you have about Torchbox and the role.

Following your phone interview, if we feel you could be the right fit, we’ll invite you to a second stage interview, which tends to last around 1.5 hours. During this interview, you’ll meet three to four people from Torchbox who will ask some competency-based questions and set a short task. 

We appreciate that completing a task is an investment of your time. If we have progressed your application to this stage, it is because we are genuinely interested in you, and think that you may have the skills that we are looking for.

The task set will differ depending on the role, such as:

  • Digital Marketing - we might ask you to complete a short Google Analytics test followed by a ten-minute presentation. Details of the presentation will be sent before the interview. 
  • Delivery, Product, and Design - we’re likely to ask you to complete a mixture of work-based tasks.
  • Tech - we’ll set a coding task ahead of the interview and a technical challenge to complete during the interview. We’re not looking for you to get every question right, we're interested in your thought process and approach to the questions. 
  • Operations and Marketing - we might ask you to complete a short presentation along with some work-based tasks.

Depending on the role, we might also set up an additional call with our Managing Director or Heads of Departments.

Our commitment to providing feedback

We will respond to all applications and update you on the status at every stage of the process. We are committed to providing feedback to all candidates who progress through to the interview stage.

If you need any help or adjustments when completing the application form or during the interview, let us know by emailing [email protected]. If you would prefer to apply by phone, give us a call on +44 (0) 1608 811 870.

What is it like to work at Torchbox?

  • Culture: As an employee-owned agency, we offer a real opportunity to be a partner in our success. Our culture is unique, and we are driven by our values: make the world better, care like we’re the client, always learning, enjoy it and own it. We focus heavily on employee growth and development, and we encourage a strong focus on continuous feedback, in order to support our development goals. Find out more about what's like being at Torchbox.
  • Location: Our office bases are in Charlbury and Bristol in the UK, but we are a diverse, global team with colleagues working around the world. The main thing we have in common is our commitment to the work we do, our desire to be challenged and engaged and to continuously develop ourselves and each other.
  • Hours: We are open to discussing flexible working arrangements, many of our people work part-time or flexible schedules, depending on the requirements of their role.

Please note: All salaries listed on our roles are based on UK salary bands, however, if you’d like more information on the bands for your country give us a shout.