Rock solid product strategy for nonprofits

Do you have an innovative product idea that could benefit your customers or supporters? Do you need to develop a business case or find funding? We’ll work with you to evaluate and shape that idea into a solid product strategy.


We'll evaluate user needs, data, innovation, technology and marketing to make sure the foundations of your strategy are robust.

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Value proposition

Identify the problem your product solves and the unique benefits it offers


Assess the potential impact and the right metrics for measuring it

Validate & iterate

Validate and test your idea, identify the right data and explore possibilities for prototyping to learn and improve


Create a framework for how you'll measure progress against your goals, learn fast and fine-tune your digital product or service

Sponsors & advocates

Identify the internal or external sponsors needed to make your idea a success


Visualise a plan to realise your vision, focus the team on the most valuable work and gain buy-in across your organisation


Recognise the skills, partnerships and financial investment needed to develop and launch the product

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  • Torchbox's strategy work played a pivotal role in helping us establish a clear, holistic roadmap for our digital products. They brought structure, insight, expertise, and a healthy amount of challenge to the process! I was left with a much clearer sense of how we can make our ambitions a reality.

    Tom Gibson Head of Digital and Technology Adoption Programmes, Be The Business
  • Torchbox helped us explore our ideas, pushing us further than we would have gone ourselves, and worked really hard to understand our brand and our priorities. It was a great partnership.

    Ben Holt UK Digital Lead and International Strategic Adviser, Médecins Sans Frontières UK
  • We chose Torchbox and the Wagtail platform solution because we’re currently underway with an exciting process of digital transformation here at Samaritans where all kinds of systems are coming together to ensure that our ways of working are future proofed, data driven and solutions focused

    Katie Columbus Assistant Director of Digital, Brand and Engagement, Samaritans