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Head of Marketing

Winners at the Employee Ownership Association awards

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We were delighted to scoop the prize for Delivering Good Leadership at the glitzy Employee Ownership Stories Awards. 

Olly, Lisa and James at the EOA Awards

Olly, Lisa and James collecting the award

Earlier this year, we submitted our story to the EO Stories awards, which the Employee Ownership Association (EOA) thought would also make a good talk at the conference. So, James, Olly and I stepped up to share how we are moving away from being founder-led to being a sustainable, responsible business for the future by finding ways to develop leaders across the company.

james leavesley

James answering questions after the talk

The event had a lovely vibe, and it was great meeting other businesses at different stages of their EO journey. We took away a lot of valuable ideas to consider for Torchbox, primarily in terms of ways to keep everyone engaged and excited about what being part of an employee-owned business means. 

Then at the conference celebration dinner, we were delighted to take home the award for delivering good leadership. There were 28 insightful and inspiring stories submitted and thousands of votes cast to establish a winner in four categories – good leadership, engagement, governance and EO culture. You can read all about the winners and their stories here

Here’s a 2 min video on why we entered our story into the awards.

Video Thumbnail

Olly was then up again for an EO special version of Fighting Talk, joined by Charlotte Tickle, Riverford Organic Farmers and Kingsley James, Emperor. Hosted brilliantly by Martine Croxall, the guests had to compete for points with their EO punditry, where insightful/original comments are rewarded. 

Fighting Talk - EOA Conference

Olly taking part in the EO special of Fighting Talk

It was a fab event, and I was proud to be able to represent Torchbox as a co-owner and employee trustee director. 

Discover more about what it’s like working at Torchbox and being part of an employee-owned company.