Lisa Ballam

Head of Marketing

What’s New in Wagtail CMS Returns

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Join us for live demos on new features and enhancements in the latest 5.1 release.

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Tune in to What's New in Wagtail

This release incorporates improvements made through Wagtail’s collaboration with the Green Web Foundation and Google Summer of Code. As well as updates for key integrations, like Elasticsearch, and a few other features to help Wagtail run more smoothly behind the scenes.

Demos and talks will cover updates including:

  • Custom validation for StreamField
  • Search improvements
  • Generic Choosers API
  • Snippets enhancements
  • Performance improvements and benchmarking

You'll also see features like the new dark mode for Wagtail admin, always-on minimap, custom template support for the 'wagtail start' command, and progress on the Wagtail admin accessibility audit. With more speakers and talks to be announced soon!

We’re hosting the event twice, so select the time/date that works best for you: