Wagtail's big news, Trumped.

Most of us will never be in the running to become the next POTUS. We have no idea what that would be like. But, we can safely assume that those who take that plunge want to convey what they believe in powerfully and effectively.

Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

Twitter may have been a vital tool in both election campaigns, but it wasn’t the only bird backing Hillary. For a project so important, Clinton’s campaign needed a websitethat was scalable and flexible, and a content management system (CMS) that could power multiple sites and applications. 

In bobbed Wagtail, the open source CMS originally developed by Torchbox.

First debuted for the prestigious Royal College of Art, we launched Wagtail as an open source CMS in 2014. Since then it has flown far and wide. Some of the world’s largest companies and organisations – including Google, NASA, MIT, Honda, USA.gov, Macmillan, Red Cross, Oxfam and Amnesty International – have built websites on Wagtail.

It was an exciting day when we heard from the Clinton team that they were using Wagtail. And another exciting day, when we visited the team of 70 Brooklyn-based engineers, product managers and designers who developed 50+ software tools in Clinton’s cause.

As you can imagine, we were itching to break the news about Wagtail’s starring role, but understandably it needed to be kept strictly under wraps during the run up to the elections, so we didn’t breathe a word about it.

And then, the big day came and the rest is history. Clinton snatched defeat from the beak of victory, and our big news was ruthlessly Trumped.

We’re still proud of how Wagtail powered Clinton’s campaign site. Amidst the torrid maelstrom of political tactics, truths, half-truths and nothing like the truths, it takes a strong technical foundation to help a candidate stand their ground. Which is exactly what Wagtail helped Clinton do.