Lisa Ballam

Head of Marketing

An evolution of our purpose, vision, and values

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Last June, we celebrated a pivotal milestone - achieving financial independence, a testament to our continued growth and development as a purpose-driven, employee-owned agency.

With our expanding global team and increasingly diverse service offerings, it was the perfect time to pause, reflect, and reassess our purpose, vision, and values. 

In this blog, we share the story of the journey we’ve been on to develop our cultural framework which reflects who we are now and where we hope to be by 2026. 

Four values cards laid on table

We partnered with WithinPeople, experts in defining growth, culture, and leadership for organisations. Together, we initiated a program that saw us consult with our clients and people across our teams and locations. This process was instrumental in forming our new Cultural Framework. This framework has allowed us to hone our Purpose, refine our Values, and articulate our Vision for 2026.

Let's explore our new cultural framework

Our Values

With the switch to employee ownership, our values become even more important, as they are the DNA that helps us foster a culture of responsibility, inclusivity, learning, quality, and fun. These are the behaviours that define us and our work culture and help us strive for our vision. 

Our evolved values form the backbone of how we operate. As co-owners we need to embrace them, live them, and use them as a yardstick for behaviour within our organisation. They are a tool for accountability, for fostering a culture of ownership, and for extending our impact beyond Torchbox.

Four values - raise the bar, explore the unknown, lead the change, spread the joy

Our lovely new values graphics designed by Jolt

Our Purpose 

The very reason we exist – isn't just about what we do but why we do it. Torchbox was born out of a passion to use digital to support organisations doing good in the world, a purpose we’ve been steadfastly committed to for over two decades. This project hasn't been about crafting catchy taglines; instead, we've focused on articulating why we are here as an organisation authentically.

Torchbox exists to empower positive changemakers. This means equipping our partners with the digital tools and confidence to make a meaningful, positive impact in the world. We want to help them drive purposeful change responsibly and creatively. This is the WHY that we want every co-owner to think about and be inspired by in our daily work.

Our Vision

Our vision creates an exciting picture of the future - a destination we all can get excited about and strive towards. It is less about setting specific targets and more about articulating an ambitious goal for the next three years, giving us enough flexibility to figure out the best way to get there.

We’re setting a new standard for high-impact responsible business

We aim to be a progressive, responsible, and respected agency that sets an example for the broader business community. We seek growth rooted in impact, fostering a supportive culture that attracts the brightest minds. We aspire to be the best across multiple sectors, open and adaptive to change.

We hope every co-owner can connect this vision to their daily work, support their teams through change, and help accelerate impact.

We've come a long way and we’re happy that this new framework reflects who we are now and where we are heading. 

Now, the real work begins. It's time to bring our Cultural Framework to life!