Natacha Ruby

Senior Delivery Manager

I work closely with our nonprofit clients, helping them gather and understand their stakeholders' requirements. My work includes refining their project ideas, identifying possible risks, and prioritising features that provide the most value to their end users.

I am responsible for ensuring the timely delivery of products while ensuring the best quality standards are met. My role is all about connecting various aspects of the product to ensure a seamless and successful project outcome.

I'm a Scrum Certified Product Owner with over 10 years of experience in project management, mostly in digital agencies. Throughout my journey, I've gained a lot of knowledge on how to navigate the fast-paced world of agency work. I've also had the chance to experiment with different methodologies to find the perfect balance for my clients and the internal teams.

While I've worked with many industries, recently I've focused more on digital health projects, especially mobile and web development.

I enjoy being involved in projects from start to finish as I find value in each step of the process. Improving user experience is a priority for me, so I constantly seek feedback from end users in order to adapt the product and increase the quality.

Outside of work, I love trying new activities and sports. Lately, I've mostly been playing football, squash and padel! I also enjoy running and I've done a few half-marathons.

I also love exploring the food scene in Bristol so I'm always keeping an eye out for a new restaurant opening.