Maya Gibbs

Maya Gibbs

I lead on shaping the direction of digital products for our clients and help define solutions that focus on the areas that provide the most value, both for their users and organisation.

Most recently I have worked with the Marine Conservation Society leading on rebuilding their website, volunteering hub and the Good Fish Guide. I enjoy getting stuck into complex workflows and have led on shaping and designing management and administrative platforms for the Open Technology Fund and Youth Sport Trust. I love problem solving and making order out of chaos and I get lots of opportunities for practicing these skills in my job.

As a Trustee Director, and part of the Climate Voice Group, I am active in making Torchbox a sustainable and great place to work.

I am passionate about the environment, nature and making the world a more compassionate place. I want to work with organisations who play their part in impacting the world for good.

I like to spend my time outdoors, walking and exploring the woods with my young family. I’m an ocean enthusiast and a keen diver and in winter can mainly be found in, or dreaming of, the snowy mountains and the next skiing adventure.