Matthew Westcott

Senior Developer and Wagtail Consultant

I lead development on Wagtail, the CMS that powers all of Torchbox's website builds. It is our goal to give our designers and developers the flexibility they need to deliver the sites clients need without being constrained by the platform. It is also crucial to give site owners the ability to easily maintain their own web content.

My work on Wagtail and its various spin-off projects is in use by organisations including Google, NASA, Mozilla and Oxfam. I'm a frequent speaker at conferences such as DjangoCon Europe, and have been appointed as a member of the Django Software Foundation for my contributions to the Django community.

As the original developer of many of the features in Wagtail, I'm uniquely placed to advise on how they can be used most effectively, and how they might be extended to fit a client's needs better. The work I deliver won't just be a one-off piece of software, but part of a growing ecosystem where the benefits are shared by everyone.

I make music and digital art on retro computers to present at festivals across Europe, under the name Gasman. Away from the screen I'm an avid hiker, currently working my way through the UK's 19 National Trails.