Jesmond Allen

Director of Human-Centred Design

My role as Director of Human-Centred Design involves leading and supporting our brilliant team of multidisciplinary designers and researchers. The team provides expertise in all aspects of design across pixels, words, services, experiences and digital strategies, all underpinned by user research. I love working with them to make the most of their skills for the benefit of our clients.

I have more than 20 years of experience as a design leader and human-centred design specialist. In previous roles, I have built teams and shaped projects at an internationally renowned experience design agency, cxpartners. I was a freelance human-centred design consultant for many years, with clients across the public and private sectors. This included working on the information architecture of NHS.UK and setting up design capabilities and running discovery projects for organisations from startups to government departments.

I’m proud that we use the term “Human-Centred Design” at Torchbox. “User-Centred Design” might be more common, but we think the expansion into “Human-Centred” better reflects Torchbox’s people and planet-friendly ethos.

I love giving back to the design community that has nurtured me. I am a regular public speaker and once even co-wrote a book. Alas, a decade later, it is now out of print, but "Smashing UX" went down well at the time.

If I ever have any spare time after hanging out with the family and the cat, I love to practise intaglio printmaking on my tiny press. One day I’ll live somewhere with enough space (and strong enough floors) for a full-sized cast iron etching press!