Edd Baldry

Director of Innovation
Edd Baldry Torchbox

My role is to drive innovation for Torchbox and our clients. That involves designing experiments and implementing strategies to create new products, processes or services that create value for people.

I’ve worked across both the private and nonprofit sectors within design and innovation roles. Working with large organisations like Dyson, Google and the UN alongside smaller ones has given me a different lens to use when considering innovation strategies.

My background of interaction design heavily influences my approach to innovation. For me innovation isn’t a pure business function - it’s not just about creating more revenue - it’s also about creating wonder and surprises. To borrow from Don Norman, “It's not enough that we build products that function, that are understandable and usable, we also need to… bring joy and excitement, pleasure and fun - and yes - beauty to people's lives.”

Post-Brexit I moved to north Italy. We live in a small town in the alps where you’ll find me somewhere outdoors with the family.