Matthew Westcott

Senior Developer

Matthew is the lead technical developer of the Wagtail CMS, and works on custom web application development, both server-side and front-end.

Matthew joined Torchbox straight out of uni in 2002 and immediately got involved in the development of Torchbox's original CMS, RationalMedia. Along the way he's gained extensive experience with the workings of content-managed websites, and most recently has headed the development of the open-source Wagtail CMS that powers many of Torchbox's latest sites.

He also has a keen interest in browser-side technologies, and has been exploring the possibilities of Javascript since before Google Maps and jQuery made it cool, creating rich data visualisations and mapping applications for the likes of WWF and ActionAid.

Outside of Torchbox, Matthew is actively involved in the demoscene - an international community of programmers and artists creating digital artworks - and regularly visits festivals across Europe presenting new code creations and live music performances. He is also currently on a long term mission to hike all of the UK's National Trails.