Our Client Disclosure Report

Olly Willans

Creative Director 4 Dec 2020 1 min read


Bristol's own Greta Mural - Photograph by Martin Booth / Bristol24/7

We declare a climate emergency (too)

Along with many of our peers, we chose to respond to the call to arms last year from Extinction Rebellion (XR) for advertising agencies to ‘declare a climate and ecological emergency’.

Creative and Climate published the first Climate Disclosure Reports for agencies last year, and this year we’ve joined them. This report is an opportunity for us to evaluate our climate impact, disclose any “climate conflicts”, and declare our commitment to not work with fossil fuel companies and other companies that have a negative impact on the environment.

Our creative responsibility

We all need to stop working for organisations that are causing harm to the environment. It’s not enough to carry on as usual. In order to bring about change we need to hold ourselves and others accountable.

Because creativity has consequences, so our industry cannot be neutral. As communicators, we have the power to inspire change, or to keep serving destruction.

Creative and Climate

That’s why we’ve responded to the Creative and Climate challenge by revealing the percentage of our company turnover by industry category including fossil fuel companies and other high carbon clients. We want to encourage others in our industry to do the same by creating their own Climate Disclosure Report.

Let’s work together to advocate for a better future.


If you'd like to read our Client Disclosure Report, you can find it with the others on the Creative Climate Disclosure site. Let us know your thoughts.

Olly Willans

Creative Director 4 Dec 2020 1 min read

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