We worked in partnership with a leading charity for older people, Independent Age, transforming their website to provide visitors with the information and support needed to live a healthier, happier life.

The challenge

As part of its strategy for growth, Independent Age required a new website which would showcase its standing as a provider of best-in-class online advice and information for older people.

Key objectives included:

  • Transform and upgrade the website with a clearer information architecture, and a fresh, engaging, user-focused and responsive design.
  • Increase the number of advice calls received and volunteers placed, by better promoting the befriending services available to older people.
  • Grow user interactions, for example conversions, signups, downloads, reading content.
  • Use improved digital communications to help increase prompted brand awareness.

Independent Age

Independent Age's new homepage

“Our brief was ambitious and complex. We wanted to use our website to make important information about older people’s rights and options available to anyone who needs it. This meant we needed a website packed with useful information that could be found and consumed easily. Because the subject matter can be dry and complicated, we needed to make it engaging and interesting. To top it off we also wanted a site that was beautiful to look at, and ‘award-winning’.”

– Simon Thompson, Head of Digital and Marketing, Independent Age

Our approach

We worked in partnership with Independent Age on the full lifecycle of the site redevelopment, from initial research and discovery through to user experience design, technology platform choice, and feature development:

  • Discovery
    We hosted stakeholder workshops and analytics reviews to understand which organisational goals the site needed to fulfil, and also checked the pulse of current and prospective audiences to gain insight into the the site functionality users required.
  • UX design
    Using the insights gathered from both the discovery phase and Independent Age’s existing research, we optimised and restructured the site’s information architecture, to help service users navigate the large range of content available. We then focused on honing a vision for the site, exploring different creative directions, before developing the final designs into functioning, in-browser prototypes.
  • Build & integrate
    We built the site using Drupal 8, allowing our development teams to create flexible content management features for editors, and rich, responsive front-end interfaces for website users across all devices.
Independent AGe

Independent Age's new fundraising page


Since launch, Independent Age’s website results have been going in all the right directions:

  • 64% increase in time spent on site

  • 56% increase in page views

  • 38% increase in pages per session

  • 27% decrease in bounce rate

  • Independent Age’s CharityComms benchmark ranking improved from no. 41 to no. 23 (ranked by total user sessions).

Furthermore, Independent Age’s website won the 2016 ‘Plain English Campaign’ website award for clear and usable websites. The judges commented that the whole site, including design and navigation, was “well laid out, easy to navigate and clearly written”.

“Torchbox delivered on every element of the brief. They are passionately interested in producing beautiful and highly functional websites, and we had a creative and productive relationship. They are also lovely people to work with, which makes a big difference when you’re working through an important project with lots of effort required by all involved. The project was delivered on time and on budget, and exceeded expectations.”

– Simon Thompson, Head of Digital and Marketing, Independent Age