CLIC Sargent were looking to redevelop their existing site and make the most of digital in the pursuit of their organisational objectives. Starting with user surveys, interviews, personas and stakeholder workshops to understand the audience of the site, we developed a fresh new design concept in line with their existing branding. 

Clic Sargent

Clic Sargent homepage

What we did

We used our feature-driven development process to build the site. This provided consultation, training and documentation throughout the project helping CLIC Sargent understand and get the most from their investment.

One of our achievements was the creation of an information architecture that could showcase exciting news and events while also allowing visitors to navigate the depth of content available to cancer sufferers and their families. This content structure was the result of a rigorous discovery process, using tools such as Card Sorting to accommodate different user journeys.

Clic Sargent

Clic Sargent's fundraising & events page


We delivered the site on Drupal 7 with integration to their existing CRM (CARE) and a Shopify instance, styled to resemble the main site. Integration with third-parties is achieved through separate loosely-coupled interfaces. This means CLIC Sargent can replace integrated systems such as CRM, e-commerce, event management and recruitment quickly and easily without interrupting the user experience.

The site uses a responsive design to look great on mobile, tablet or desktop.