Breast Cancer Care is a much-loved and trusted UK charity which aims to support anyone affected by breast cancer. Thousands of people have benefited from the extensive help they are able to provide - ranging from locally run events to help women deal with the realities of treatment and recovery, to a vast library of professionally authored medical reference material.  

At the same time though the sheer breadth of services and support on offer presented some major challenges for Breast Cancer Care’s digital presence. Their website had become stretched to the limit by the need to serve a broad and diverse constituency of users, who needed to understand what was on offer, and be guided to the most appropriate content. No less important was ensuring that the website did more to bolster fundraising - it's an understandable, but common misconception that Breast Cancer Care receives NHS funding.

User Experience

With any user experience project, the key to a successful outcome is thorough research - and the biggest enemy can be uncritically accepted assumptions. We designed a process that first helped BCC gain clarity over their own needs before we went on to conduct user needs analysis.

We synthesised the outcomes of our research work into 20 easily digestible insights, against each of which we suggested specific actions. For example, we’d learned not only that 50% of users were consulting the (non-responsive) site on a mobile device but also that most of them weren’t actually doing so ‘on the move’ - and so we adopted a strategy of making the site ‘content first’ rather than ‘mobile first’.

Simplifying the information architecture allowed for a clear emphasis on information and resources, local support, and fundraising activities, and we fine-tuned the structure and language of the sitemap over five rounds of testing with Treejack. 

Finally, we turned theory into practice, combining research insight and IA and creating (and then iterating upon) a large set of 20 interactive wireframes, which we honed after extensive lab testing with service users.


The end result is a comprehensive pack of tried and tested UX deliverables which has allowed Breast Cancer Care to hit the ground running on their website build with the confidence that they both understand users' needs and concerns, and know how to deliver content to them effectively.