Tim Harrison

Lead Web Analyst
Tim Harrison

I work with clients and colleagues to choose the best data to use to measure the effectiveness of not-for-profit campaigns, websites and apps.

At Torchbox I’ve worked with clients including Action for Children, Mind, Samaritans and Chatham House. Prior to Torchbox I worked client side at Shelter and Marie Curie for 6 years, which helped me to understand the dynamic at play in charitable organisations on a day to day basis, but also the sector specific needs for useful and usable tracking and measurement.

I believe there is a lot of scope for charities and nonprofits to scale up their ambitions and the work they do by using data automation - particularly as budgets for internal staff can often be hard to come by.

I’m happiest when exploring a hillside or forest on my bike and I’ve always been really into electronic music, both listening to it on big sound systems, but also making my own tracks at home. More recently I’ve started combining programming with music making, which has opened up a whole new dimension of sound. Music can be made with data, so it seems like my hobbies and day job are blurring in a new and interesting way.