Maitreyee Kshirsagar

Service Designer

As a service designer and thinker, I work collaboratively with our clients and their teams to look within and beyond their products, beyond digital interfaces, into the bigger picture. All while bringing a human-centric approach by thinking of the impact our clients want to create, why, and most importantly for whom.

After working in India for around four years as a visual experience designer for various social impact and commercial clients, I pursued my Master’s in Service Design at the University of the Arts London. My academic experience in Service Design brings a theory, process and evidence-based approach to the work. It helps me think critically and holistically about the work we do for our clients and in continuation, the impact our clients create for their product or service users.

I contribute to projects by identifying and visualising where a particular product sits in a larger service system, how it is interacted with, at what point, by whom and so on. Service Design can be beneficial to see services and products as a whole or broken down into different journeys in as much or as little detail as necessary. It can be an enabler to identify gaps where there is potential for risks, new opportunities or improvements.

When I am not at work, I love to cook, explore various cuisines, and connect with people over food. I enjoy listening to podcasts and more recently audiobooks (I highly recommend listening to the book 'This Is Going To Hurt' by Adam Kay). I love learning and you’ll often find me gaining insights about design, people and behaviours from various TV shows and crime drama series.