Lucas Martins

Web Analyst
Lucas Martins

I help companies make sense of their website data in order to achieve their business goals.

Previously, I worked for 5 years in local government and then switched to the digital space, helping companies improve their ad campaigns. It is exciting bringing together both of these things at Torchbox.

I am very involved in my local nonprofit space, meaning I am in close contact with the needs and wants of organizations, and occasionally provide strategic support and advice.

A big interest of mine is epistemology - the branch of philosophy that studies knowledge. How do we know what we know? How can we improve our knowledge? Why can we trust what we know? Working with data, I am able to use philosophical frameworks to ensure that I'm doing the best work possible.

I also love cooking. I believe it's a very genuine way of showing love and offering care. I love the scientific side of it too. Invite me over for dinner and I'll cook!