Lauren Davey

Delivery Manager
Lauren D

I facilitate the seamless development of tailored digital platforms to achieve our clients’ vision, and provide ongoing support and adjustments for Wagtail users.

Currently I am working with some really fantastic clients across our Wagtail Support service as well as working closely with great charities like Oxfam, enhancing parts of their site to increase donations. I have also worked on an exciting website revamp project with American clients Capital RX.

I have previously worked with Fortune 500 companies to tackle barriers to their digital transformation projects. This has given me a good feel for identifying challenges and opportunities which can be understood early on in the process.

I am really passionate about helping clients with a wholesome vision and who are making a difference in the world through their digital platforms. I love exceeding expectations and working collaboratively to ensure a solid final product.

You can often find me letting off some steam on the tennis court - who knows, maybe you'll see me at the next Wimbledon!