Jess Rackham

Delivery Manager
Jess Rackham

I guide client and production teams to deliver valuable digital products which meet the needs of the end user and client goals.

I think getting to the crux of a problem and helping teams really understand what is required is really key to the start of any project. Ensuring everyone is on the same page, and sharing the same end-goal throughout the process is crucial to the success of a feature or product launch.

I've held project management roles for over 13 years in a couple of similar creative digital agencies. I love collaborating with teams and learning about each other's skill sets along the way. If at the end of a launch we have a happy team and a happy client then I consider it a job well done!

I'm a mum of two young girls and am fortunate enough to be able to do the school-run whilst working part-time at Torchbox in the strive for that 'perfect' work-life balance. Any spare time I do have is dedicated to baking, playing rounders during the summer months, running or just catching up on sleep!