Ester Beltrami

Web Developer
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As a Web Developer at Torchbox, my role involves building and maintaining websites for our clients, ensuring that they are user-friendly, accessible, and functional across all devices.

I also work with Wagtail, the leading Python-based open-source content management system we use extensively. As part of my role, I'm always looking for ways to improve Wagtail and contribute to its development.

As a Python Developer, I possess an extensive background in working with Django and various other python frameworks such as Flask, Starlette, and FastAPI. I enjoy exploring the exciting possibilities that python offers with its type annotations, data classes, and decorators.

I'm also very proud to be one of the organisers of PyCon Italia, a conference focused on all things about Python. My role is to develop the conference website, help to automate manual processes and assist with event planning and organisation. It's a great opportunity to network with other developers, learn from experts in the field, and contribute to the community.

I have proficient knowledge of frontend technologies, including React, Next.js, TypeScript, and Tailwind CSS, which has become my go-to framework for writing CSS in JS. I have a passion for GraphQL and take great pleasure in working with it, often integrating it with Apollo Client in the front end.

Furthermore, I have gained considerable experience in Web Scraping, which I use to aid in the development of different client applications.

Additionally, I'm a core developer of strawberry-graphql, a popular library for creating GraphQL APIs with Python, which has helped me to improve my skills in developing scalable, efficient, and maintainable code.

When I'm not coding, I love attending conferences and meet-ups to learn about new technologies and trends in the industry. I'm particularly passionate about topics like clean code, GraphQL, workspace culture, and diversity and inclusion, and I enjoy meeting new people and having conversations about these topics.