Helen Warren

Director of Engineering

I build and support our team of clever, agile, efficient developers to make sure that the software we produce is robust, innovative and performant. I love to work with clients to understand their organisational operations and goals and convert these into software systems which delight users.

By really immersing myself in a client organisation I’ve been successfully building scalable software for charity and public sector clients for over twenty years. I have a particular interest in the sports sector having built strong relationships with organisations like the Football Foundation and the Youth Sport Trust. I’m especially invested in the sustainability and longevity of software systems and their long term extensibility so they can grow with the evolving goals of an organisation.

Having gained a PhD in Astrophysics and worked for some years as an academic researcher in theoretical and observational cosmology I have strong aptitude for research, problem solving and thoroughness.

I am passionate about really understanding what I see in the real world in order to optimally convert processes to good database design and code. I also have a strong drive for quality in all that we build.

I am an exercise addict as I find it's vital for mental as well as physical health. Kettlebells or boxing gloves are my weapon of choice.