Wagtail developer support service

Expert support from the core Wagtail development team to help you get the most out of your Wagtail project.

Helping you implement Wagtail at scale

We’ve created a tiered support approach to help the likes of the UK’s National Health Service, Google and Oxfam America to power their enterprise-scale Wagtail sites.

Here's how we can help:

  • Setup your infrastructure and tooling
  • Ensure the best architecture for the job
  • Code reviews and pair programming
  • Make workflow and API modifications
  • Develop or support complex features
  • Plan and execute large-scale migrations
"Torchbox is a top notch agency that has developed the best CMS (Wagtail) I've worked with in my career, and I've been using content management systems for over 15 years. Being able to use the same firm for both our content wrangling and implementation needs has made the process incredibly smooth. I can not recommend them highly enough."

Our tiered support packages


Our Gold plan is designed for enterprise clients who have big Wagtail plans!

You’ll get up to 30 hours of expert support from the core Wagtail team and our best SLA (we’ll often respond in just a few minutes!). Gold customers get a dedicated Wagtail Account Manager and have the exclusive opportunity to help shape the Wagtail roadmap.


Our Silver plan is a good option if you're part of a mid-sized project team and you're at the early stages of your Wagtail journey.

You'll get unto 16 hours support per month - enough time so we can up-skill your team via regular pair programming and code reviews. You’ll also get a good 3-hour belt-and-braces support SLA.


Bronze is a good fit for smaller teams or teams who are already led by an experienced Wagtail Lead Developer.

You’ll get 4 hours support per month in case you need some expert support from a core Wagtail developer.

Download the packages

You can download full details of whats included in each package here.

If you want us to help or have any questions, please contact Will.

Meet the team

Wagtail developer support is provided by the core Wagtail team, including:


Matthew Westcott

Senior Developer

Matthew joined Torchbox straight out of uni in 2002. Along the way Matthew has gained extensive experience with the workings of content-managed websites, and now leads the core development of Wagtail, the leading Django-based open-source CMS.

Tom Dyson

Tom Dyson

Technical Director

Tom is the co-founder of Torchbox and provides leadership to our team of software engineers and web developers. He ensures our technical approach, solution design and architectural decisions are robust and scalable.

Karl Hobley

Karl Hobley

Python Developer

Karl’s been making websites powered by Python and Django since 2011. Since joining Torchbox in 2013, Karl has worked on developing the Wagtail CMS (notably the search and REST API modules) and implementing Wagtail-based sites for our clients.

Todd Dembrey

Todd Dembrey

Senior Developer

Todd works closely alongside the core Wagtail team and provides expert Wagtail consultancy to the likes of NHS Digital and Google. He is the lead developer for some of our largest custom web app and Wagtail projects.