NHS and healthcare

Resilient and future-proof websites, intranets and custom applications that meet the GDS Digital Service Standard.

NHS Digital’s technical implementation partner.

We’re supporting the NHS to rollout Wagtail to power one of the biggest and most important sites in the UK, We’ve created tools to measure and display how the quality of health and social care is changing over time and developed a resilient, open source content management system for NHS Trusts and NHS Authorities. Our partners include:

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Helping you put patient safety first.

We follow agile and lean methodologies to ensure you get the most value from your digital investment. This means you can focus on patient safety. We understand the goals and challenges you face and we’ll help you to:
  • Meet GDS service standards
  • Implement the NHS style guide
  • Embrace open source solutions
  • Meet tight security requirements
  • Meet patient & clinician needs
  • Achieve smart integrations

Our digital NHS and healthcare toolkit:

We welcome open and transparent ways of working. We’ll embed you in our project team - you can even join our daily standups if you like. Our NHS and healthcare toolkit includes:

User research
We’ve undertaken a full range of user research programmes for our NHS clients, from in-the-field user research with NHS staff and patients, to standalone moderated user testing projects on existing Trust sites. Crucially, we share our learnings and findings across all our NHS projects.
GDS service standards
We will work in an interdisciplinary way with your project team to deliver Discovery work that meets GDS best practice and focus on producing deliverables and reports that meet the success criteria of the GDS Alpha, Beta and Live assessments.
Stakeholder management
The key to ensuring a successful large-scale digital project is knowing how to balance broad user consultation with pragmatism & focus. We can help you achieve buy-in from key stakeholders across your organisation, while keeping while keeping the project on time and on budget.
Accessible design
We follow the principles of user-centred design and build sites and tools that provide universal access to all. We’ve got extensive experience working with the NHS Style Guide on our recent projects and we’ll produce a pattern library as part of the design phase to ensure your design in future-proofed.
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Open source CMS
Increasingly, organisations in the healthcare sector are turning to open source solutions, as highlighted by NHS Digital’s decision to replace Sharepoint with Wagtail. This move is encouraging more and more NHS Trusts, Authorities, CCGs as well as NHS Improvement to adopt Wagtail.
Secure and scalable
We’re keenly aware of the threats posed by increasingly sophisticated attacks on websites and online applications. Wagtail largely relies on Django’s strong approach to security - this is one of the reasons NHS Digital picked Wagtail for the highly sensitive
Systems integrations
Our Software Engineering team is one of our major strengths, allowing us to take on complex integrations with the huge range of third party systems that make up the digital ecosystem in the NHS. This can range from your Active Directory or CRM system to popular address lookup services, and beyond.
Sharepoint migrations
We build Wagtail-powered intranets to allow staff and clinicians to access policies, browse staff directories (via an integration with Active Directory), view service listings, training and much more. We use the same design approach as we employ for public facing sites to provide a consistent user experience across your entire estate.

Meet the team

We’ll allocate a dedicated core team to the project who will be involved throughout. Typically our NHS projects are led by:
Anthony Fairweather

Anthony Fairweather

Account Director

Anthony leads a number of large projects for our health sector clients, including NHS Digital and the Department of Health. Anthony has over tens years experience working on CRM and web projects with a broad range national and international clients.


Matthew Westcott

Senior Developer

Matthew joined Torchbox straight out of uni in 2002. Along the way Matthew has gained extensive experience with the workings of content-managed websites, and now leads the core development of Wagtail, the leading Django-based open-source CMS.

Tom Saunders

Tom Saunders

Head of UX Research

Tom is our lead User Experience Architect. Prior to championing UX at Torchbox, Tom spent a decade running user experience research and design projects for some of the world’s leading charities, universities and social development organisations.

Tom Dyson

Tom Dyson

Technical Director

Tom is the co-founder of Torchbox and provides leadership to our team of software engineers and web developers. He ensures our technical approach, solution design and architectural decisions are robust and scalable.