How We're Working

Torchbox started life in early 2000 being run from a kitchen in a tiny hamlet outside the Cotswold town of Charlbury, Oxfordshire. It wasn’t long before we set up the first proper office, still in leafy Oxfordshire, and grew organically from there. At the start we had a focus on UK clients, but fast forward to now and we work with organisations all over the world. And to support this we have a truly international team.

Our global team

We are looking to attract and work with the best talent across the world, irrespective of where they are based. This not only helps with our project work but assists us in building a robust support model as we have team members working at all times of the day to interact with clients in different time zones.

Where we're based


This is where we originated and I’m sure where we’ll stay. Our current office sits in the beautiful grounds of Cornbury Park, all rivers, parkland, deer and country pubs.


We've been in Bristol since 2013 and the majority of that time has been spent at our Colston Street office, just next to the iconic Bristol Beacon. Bristol is an energetic, thriving place, and so is our office.

The US

Since incorporating in America we are also growing our presence in North America with a remote team based in the US and Canada. This remote team is helping with our ever expanding portfolio of work we’re doing for the likes of UPenn, Oxfam America and NASA.

The Philippines

We also have a shared working space in Manila in the Philippines where we have an established team.

How we work

For all our product design and build projects we’ve worked hard to develop an agile way of working that ensures the best for our clients. We provide support and hosting for a number of our clients and our Digital Marketing team work with our clients both on a retainer basis and providing ad-hoc consultancy. We also provide expert consultancy on Wagtail, the open-source CMS we invented.

Keeping the team connected

Working across multiple time zones does have its challenges but we’ve put the fundamentals in place to achieve a-synchronous working and keep a close knit team.

Most cross time zone communication is done via a ticketing system which makes all our work easy to track. Some of our team work flexible hours to overlap more with our UK working hours and we organise video calls to fit into the working hours of both time zones where possible.

Communication is key to any functioning business. This is why we hold whole company meetings twice a week, one in the morning and one in the afternoon to cater for all time zones. We hold virtual parties as well as in-person meetups on a regular basis. These have been anything from Brew Mondays (yes that’s a British event!) to Pizza in the Park and Zoom quizzes. Then there’s the famous bi-annual winter ski trip and summer Torchfest weekend.

Ski Trip 2020.jpeg
Skip Trip 2020

Hopefully we’ll have more socials happening soon as we’ve just launched another EOT voice group to take this task on!

No matter where you are in the world, if we sound like a good fit then we want to hear from you. Check out our current vacancies and get in touch.

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