One teenager. One tweet. A year's worth of chicken nuggets.

Yesterday, a teenager from Nevada officially became the proud owner of the most retweeted tweet ever published. The internet rightfully deserves some praise, but none of it would've been possible without one brand's tweet.

In case you missed it, on the 6th April 2017, Carter Wilkerson decided to take his undying love for chicken nuggets to the next level by reaching out to fast-food chain Wendy's. 

Wilkerson was on a quest for a year's supply of fried poultry nourishment - and as any millennial does these days - took to Twitter to demand it be made possible.

What did Wendy's state Wilkerson needed to achieve? 18. Million. Retweets

The world-record at that time? Ellen DeGeneres’ famous Oscar selfie from 2014, at 3.43m retweets.

Challenge accepted. 

The panic started to set in, but Wendy's brilliantly kept the attention on them by keeping the narrative rolling and replying to pretty much every tweet that came their way. 

Wendy's very smartly harnessed the social power of the story to send their brand awareness into the Twittersphere. Time and again.

A month on, and with a *little* help from Apple Music, Microsoft, Aaron Paul, a custom Twitter emoji, TV appearances and pretty much every Twitter user who wanted the most viral tweet to be about CHICKEN NUGGETS (#NuggsForCarter)... it happened

And this.

One man with an impossible nugget dream. One company with great customer engagement. 


rob c

Rob CarterSenior Marketing Executive