My experience as an intern at Torchbox

Author information: Jenny Lee , Marketing Intern , Post information: 10 Dec 2021 , 3 min read ,
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When I first heard about Torchbox, I knew it was somewhere I would belong. I was taught growing up to be kind and do good for others so I wanted to work in a company where my contributions make a difference to the world instead of being another cog in the machine.

I was first introduced to Torchbox when Lisa gave a talk for Babbasa, an organisation that helps youths from marginalised backgrounds find work. We exchanged a few words during the Q&A session and she encouraged me to apply for the role. One thing led to another, which happily landed me the fantastic opportunity to start the official internship.

Torchbox gave me a memorable impression from the get-go, the clients they work with in the nonprofit and public sectors, and their company values align with mine. Designs are more than just visuals to attract the audience. Good design speaks not only to the mind but to the heart as well.

Working as a Marketing Intern has helped me to expand my knowledge on this sector, something I always wanted to learn more about. Lisa, my line manager, has acknowledged my background as a graphic designer and utilised it when it comes to assigning tasks for me, which is the best of both worlds as I get to learn new things while honing my skills.

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Mental health and well-being

The induction process stood out to me, unlike any other company I have worked for. I was introduced to the usual guidelines and procedures but it was a pleasant surprise knowing that Torchbox has a counselling and buddy system set in place. Everyone welcomed me with open arms. Gemma made sure I felt comfortable settling in, pointing out that I can always take days off whenever I feel low or ill. The approach to mental health and well-being is very refreshing.

Another distinct difference between Torchbox and other companies is the level of commitment they have to prioritise their employees’ emotional state and cultivating a positive work culture. Many companies strive to do so but Torchbox actually puts their words into action. They walk the talk!

Great British Beach Clean

The beach clean with the Marine Conservation Society, was the first time I met my colleagues in person. I was both very excited yet nervous because I was worried about making a good impression but they turned out to be as sweet as their virtual selves. We had loads of fun during team activities such as quizzes, categorising litter, and its decomposition period. The team I was a part of, called ‘the A team’, rose as the winner so we took some cute pins home as a reward.


Exciting work with amazing people

The most rewarding project I have worked on so far is SEO Super Trumps. Our SEO team has analysed the organic SEO performance of 52 charities, against eight metrics, and for fun, we’re presenting the results in the form of a Super Trumps game! It can be played on a microsite and with physical cards. I was in charge of the design and data entry for statistics, instructions, and other details on the cards; refining the designs after feedback from the Super Trumps team and getting them ready for the printers. It was a challenge delivering this project to a high quality within a tight deadline but it gave me a sense of achievement once I finished. The level of trust placed in me - despite being an intern - to handle such an important aspect of the project made me feel honoured and gave me a stronger motivation to fulfill my job responsibilities.

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My experience so far

I find myself growing closer to the people I work with especially Will and Lisa. The sales & marketing meetings are more fun and lively with the two of them around. Work doesn’t feel like work when you enjoy doing it, surrounded by wonderful loving people. In fact, I would like to use this opportunity to thank Torchbox for the internship experience as well as a shout-out to Lisa for including me in great projects and believing in my abilities. My internship is far from over so I’m looking forward to more exciting things to come!

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Author information: Jenny Lee , Marketing Intern , Post information: 10 Dec 2021 , 3 min read ,
Related post categories: Culture ,