It's time to get ahead. Book your GA4 support.

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We are opening up a limited number of bookings for 2023 in response to an expected surge in demand for GA4 setup and final checks. Here’s why and how you can secure your dedicated time.

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Even for those of you, who have understandably chosen to live under a rock during the last six months, you’ll know that Google Analytics 4 is here. You’ll also be aware that we’re entering the final stretch before the soon-to-be-retired Universal Analytics (“Google Analytics 3”, if you will) is, well, retired for good.

Klaxon alert, directly from Google’s mouth: on July 1, 2023, standard Universal Analytics properties will stop processing new hits. This means that when your team comes into work on 3rd July 2023 (the 1st is a Saturday this year, detail nerds), they will have no new live data in their existing Google Analytics property. All reporting will cease.

That’s why we’re announcing that from 1st April 2023, we will stop supporting Universal Analytics. This means two things: firstly, the reports we’ll be delivering to our paid media and SEO clients will all use GA4 data. And it also means that we’ll be saying no to new Universal Analytics work. While this is a full three months ahead of the sunset date, we want our charities to experience a seamless transition to GA4, which means allowing some buffer time. We’re committing, and we want the sector to commit with us.

A huge swath of the nonprofit sector has already started engaging with Google Analytics 4. Many charities have already set up a new property; some have even gone further and have strong new tracking functionality in place. These charities are in the minority. Most charities just aren’t ready for this. Some aren’t engaging with it at all. Some are still making requests to set up tracking in Universal Analytics. With Christmas coming, this is a busy time of year, but now’s the time to get ahead, not duck this.

We’re expecting a big surge in demand as charities wake up to the scale of the change coming (our GA4 Masterclass training series sold out in just over one week upon announcement). So we’re opening up our analytics bookings now for February, March and April. We’re expecting the metaphorical GA4 phone lines to not stop ringing for most of 2023, so we’re booking time slots out now to manage this process and give nonprofits the confidence that support is at hand.

We’re committing, and we want the sector to commit with us.

Phil McMinn, Digital Marketing Director

We can support with everything GA4 related including:

  • Basic GA4 measurement setup
  • Migration of your current Universal Analytics set up to GA4
  • Enhanced tracking support (including ecommerce) to ensure you’re making full use of GA4’s new feature sets
  • Final checks on your GA4 account ahead of sunset
  • New reporting dashboards
  • GA4 training

Get in touch to set up an initial call to discuss your GA4 support requirements and then we can get you booked in.

If you’re an existing client, don’t panic: we’ll be in touch directly to ensure your tracking needs are met and sufficient time is held for your team.

Our GA4 experience in the nonprofit is unrivalled: GA4 clients include Oxfam GB, Marie Curie, Mind, Stroke Association, Blood Cancer UK, MS Society, Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust and many more.

Author information: Phil McMinn , Director of Digital Marketing , Post information: , 3 min read ,